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Racism in Lecture Halls? - festival contre le racisme: meeting for networking & preparation

Friday, 01-12-2018, 17:00h to Sunday, 01-14-2018, 15:00h

Especially in times of growing far-right organisations like the AfD (Alternative für Deutschland/Alternative for Germany) or students' fraterneties, we need to join our forces to stand up against racism. Therefore we invite you to take part in networking & preparation at "Racism in Lecture Halls?"

For quite a while now, racism is a more or less obvious problem in all parts of society. But during the last few years, racism got much more upfront about its ways and ideas in every way! Taking a look at the situation in Leipzig justifies to say: Racist and anti-immigrant speech is being normalized not only digitally, but in lecture halls too.

In case you are interested, please register at the bottom.

Provisional Programm


* Start at 5pm: your expectations and getting to know each other
* Input about interaction of racism and sexism
* joint evening activity: watching a movie about Racism at universities (amongst other topics) including a discussion afterwards


* Racism in students' fraterneties and the AfD
Working Phase 1:
* Best Practise exchange I: marketing campaigns & public relations
* fclr for beginners - building a timeline and where to get help
* working on the guiding/landmark theme: workshop & discussion
Working Phase 2:
* Best Practise II: funding the fclr
* working on the call: discussion & writing class
Evening programm:
* input about antisemitsm and racism including a discussion afterwards


* Input about the social and econimical situation of non-german students
* Get together: guiding/landmark theme & call
* Feedback & Evalutation/Review of the weekend

attendance fees

For students whose students' union is part of the fzs attendance fees will be 30,00 EUR, for students whose unions are not, it will cost 45,00 EUR. The fees cover the housing, catering and the participation in all workshops. The weekend is funded by the BMBF.

Participants whose students' union is not constituted (every bavarian students' union) may wirte to vorstand@fzs.de to be freed from having to pay the fee. You may as well apply for your travel expenses to be coverd by the fzs. In case students don't get any support from their students' union, please write to vorstand@fzs.de as well, we will find a solution!

Housing, Location and Catering

The Workshops take place at the Youth Hostel Bamberg. You will get bed linen/clothing from the hostel, and towels can be lent for a small fee. You can find the address and a description of how to get to the Hostel here: www.jugendherberge.de/de-de/jugendherbergen/bamberg%20am%20kaulberg734/anreise

We try our best to arrange the workshops as accessible as possible. For that we need some time for preparations, to accomodate to your needs. We are able to provide a sleeping area only for FLTI persons. If you want to sleep there, please give short notice in your regitration. In case of any allergies, we would like you to give notice of that in your registration, too.

exclusion clause

The hosts reserves the right to require people to leave the, in case they are members of far-right parties or oranisations, part of the far-right scene, or known for there racist, sexist, antisemitic or other inhuman behavior in the past.

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