13th European Student Convention: Berlin Declaration

The outcomes of this convention have been gathered in a ‘Berlin Declaration’ outlining the students’ demands. This Declaration will be presented to the press tomorrow, Monday 19th March, at the Katholische Akademie (Berlin, Hannoversche Strasse 5b) at 10am.

The Bologna Process helping to create a better Europe for all

The discussions at the convention led to the recognition that the Bologna Process has triggered some of the largest and most crucial reforms of higher education policy in Europe. The Bologna Process helps to create a better Europe for all and a future in which all citizens have the possibility to develop their personality and to become active democratic citizens.

The London Summit can only be successful through active cooperation Doubts were however expressed about the progress that is being made towards the goal of a European Higher Education Area. The Process is and should remain challenging to all governments and stakeholders. The London Summit can only be successful through joint efforts between governments and stakeholders, resulting in an ambitious reform agenda building on the work that has been done in the past eight years.

Taking Stock

ESIB finds it unfortunate that some action lines are still being neglected and we hope that this will receive serious attention at the Ministerial Summit in London. Whilst welcoming the focus on the Social Dimension, Mobility of Staff and Students, Recognition of Prior Learning and Quality Assurance, ESIB still believes there is progress to be made in the implementation of these. The Declaration outlines these concerns and offers recommendations.

The Future of the European Higher Education Area?

ESIB believes that efforts to create, implement and carry forward a successful and democratic EHEA must continue after the Bologna Process reaches its’ conclusion in 2010. Students, representing the future, must be put in the centre of the development of our higher education systems towards 2020. Likewise, they should be put at the very centre of the learning process itself. A fair and just system which is centred on this future generation, should aim to empower this body as much as possible.

European Students continue to fight for an efficient and equitable European Higher Education Area. Students have the right to a strong voice in the decision-making processes of our governments and the Berlin Declaration expresses the demands of all European Students with regards to the implementation of the Bologna Process. It is this strong voice.